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A man named Simon who had come to worship at Jerusalem from Africa ended up carrying the cross of Jesus to His place of execution. This was a divine encounter that changed the life of Simon and his family. You need a divine encounter with Jesus Christ and His cross! Oh turn to Him today and you will not be disappointed as you take your place in the suffering, death and resurrection of this amazing Savior. He will transform you and your family.
What will you do with Jesus? You cannot remain neutral to this question as it is clear from the Bible that he will judge you. In this message we discover those who decided to pass judgement on Jesus and the consequences of this. Oh friends you need to accept Jesus as your Savior now so you will be ready to meet Him at the end of life’s journey. If you trust Him now then He will save you now.
Dear friends we don’t have to live long to discover how we often come up short in our conduct and life. In this message titled “Kept By The Power Of God” we find Peter failing and unable to keep his promises Many think they are able to keep themselves holy and live for God. We discover quickly that we are not able to keep our commitments but what a blessing when we discover that He is the one who keeps His commitments to us. Christianity is not what you do for God but it is
what God does for us. He is the good shepherd. He is the keeper of our souls. Our part is to trust Him and even when we fail in this we discover that Jesus is praying for us so that our faith does not fail. If you are a Christian then God will never let you go. Can I encourage you not just to read this blurb but listen to this message and find what the Bible says about the faithfulness of God
This message looks at Jesus praying in the garden where we see the agony of the Savior for sinners. As He faces the fullness of the suffering of the cross God gives us a window into the sufferings of Jesus on our behalf. If you have ever wondered if God cares when you are broken, grieving, alone and hurt then this message is for you.
Here is a message titled “A Servant’s Heart” shared in Cheticamp on Feb 12th 2017. Two of Jesus’ disciples were trying to get Jesus to promise the highest positions and Jesus taught them about how we are called to serve.A servant’s heart is a beautiful thing. The way of the world is to seek to lord it over others but the way of Christ is to seek to serve others. This is what Jesus came to do and what He calls us to. What a blessing it is to be a servant to people! Don’t miss the privilege.
There are a lot of misunderstandings about what communion is. Here is a message about communion that points to its real meaning. Its real meaning is to point us to Jesus Christ and Him crucified for our sins. The amazing truth is that there is only one sacrifice for sins that God will accept and that is what He did at the cross. Communion is not a sacrifice for sins. It is a celebration and remembrance of the one sacrifice that Jesus made. Here is a message that shows the passover Lamb of the pld Testament is a picture of the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. 
Heb 10:12  But this Man, after He had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down at the right hand of God,
  So many people are depressed at life and the circumstances that we find ourselves in. Sometimes we have to go through the swamps to get to the river valleys but it is the swamp that actually makes those verdant places. When we have Christ we have hope that goes beyond our situation. Even as we age and fall apart which will happen to us all,  there are countless blessings that happen so that for the Christian hope is strengthened and grows all the way through until we finally land in heaven.
Here is a message on how God is in control of the nations and the outcome of all things. It is good to be on His side. Any one can be if they are willing to come to Him.
As Kingdoms come and go and rulers come on the stage for their little while, do not forget that God Rules over all and nothing happens without His permission. We can rest assured if we are trusting in Him that He will accomplish His purposes in spite of all that man can do and He is quite capable of determining the outcome of it all!  Daniel 4:42b  “Until you know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomever He chooses.”
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The Devil is powerful and we see his handiwork all around us. The scriptures picture him as a roaring lion going about seeking whom he may devour. Without Jesus Christ as your champion you will find yourself deceived and confused about who you are and who God is. But Jesus has come to defeat the works of the devil and those who trust in Christ are on the victory side. Friends even if the devil does something for evil against you God will turn it for good. We are on the winning side and truly as Romans 8:28 says “All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose
This is the fourth message shared from the gospel of Luke on the Authority and Control of God. This is titled “God is In The Details”.

There is an expression that is used when you are looking at a contract about the fine print and how careful you should be to check that you are not being duped by some detail in there. The expression is “The Devil is in the details” Well I want you to know that God is in the details of life! Do you realize how much God is in control? He knows exactly what is coming and He is prepared for it. Oh friend it is good to be with Him and trust Him with your life and your future. There are no unforeseen circumstances with God. We can safely trust the keeping of our souls into His hands. When you trust in Jesus Christ as your Savior you can be sure that He is an all the way home Savior because of who He is and the complete knowledge and provision that He has.

  Here was a praying man, a generous man, a devout man but he was not saved. We can be all these things and still miss heaven. this man Cornelius was informed by an Angel that he needed salvation to be proclaimed to him so that he could recieve the forgiveness of sins. Oh do not depend on your righteousness or your deeds but come to the only one who can save you. That is Jesus Christ and Him crucified for you. Act 10:43 To Him all the prophets witness that, through His name, whoever believes in Him will receive remission of sins.”
This message of the gospel is for everyone and should be offered to everyone without prejudice. Christ died for the sins of the world. In this sermon we see the Lord dealing with the deep prejudices that were embedded in the minds of even the leaders of the early church. God is patient so He reveals the truth to them so they will receive all into the church. May God deliver us all from any prejudice so that people will be saved.  
There are winners and losers in life but not in the way the world thinks. Friends the real winners are those who trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior and the losers will be those who do not. We see this clearly portrayed in the lives of three men in this story. Oh you can be a winner today and receive the greatest prize of all which is eternal life by repenting and believing in Jesus Christ as your Savior.
Friends God gives good gifts! Here is a Christmas message outlining some of the gifts that God has showered upon the human race but the tragedy is that many have not opened them. Do you have any idea of the wealth of gifts that God offers you starting with His Son coming to be your savior. Oh discover today what He has for you and receive by faith what He offers so freely.
Do you know how far Jesus came to rescue you? What He left behind in order to save you is absolutely amazing! This message helps us grasp a littleof the magnitude of sacrifice that Jesus made to become one of us!
Do we really know who Jesus is? Who is this baby who was born in Bethlehem? Many believe that Jesus came into existence when He was conceived in the womb of Mary. Others believe that He was an Angel come to earth and some believe that He was just a brilliant man. I want to share with you that Jesus was much more than this. He is God almighty who came to earth to rescue us from our sins. Here is a message entitled “Who is Jesus”. This will clearly show you from the Bible that Jesus is  as much God as the Father and The Holy Spirit is God. When we understand who Jesus really is, then we can appreciate the Christmas story more. We will realize that we must pay attention to Him for He who came to save us in such a meek and mild way will someday come to judge us in fullness of power and authority.
Here is a message from Acts Chapter 9 and 10 we discover the opening of the gospel to the gentiles (Non Jews). This was a great revelation that God had to bring to Peter so he could go and share the good news of the gospel to a man who wanted to know God who was not a Jew. This man was religious, generous, always praying, devout and feared God. You would think he would be okay and be assured that He was going to be saved but that was not the case. He needed to hear the message about Jesus Christ and the forgiveness of sins through Him. All our goodness and religious effort cannot save us. We must respond to the invitation that God extends to the world and come to Jesus Christ for a sure and certain salvation that He has won for us through His death on the cross.
In this message Jesus teaches us about “Real Generosity. Generosity ought to be the mark of the people of God. We should be looking for opportunity to give to those in need. Jesus teaches that real giving is to done in such a way that no one else knows about it.  We should not give so that we may receive the praise of others but give joyfully from the heart. F\irst give yourself to the Lord and then look for opportunity to give into the lives of others. The greatest revelation of giving is God Himself giving His son Jesus Christ to come and die for us. 
We are living in a time when people are desperate to find meaning and self worth. Because of an inordinate focus on sex in our society many think that they can find their true identity in sexual preferences. Jesus was asked about marriage in the resurrection and He revealed that there is no marrying or giving in marriage then. Our true identity is not wrapped up in  our sexuality but it is found in that we are human beings who are meant to be in a love relationship with God and with one another. Not love based on sex but on character and conduct that goes far beyond the temporary. Sex has its place in God’s order in this creation but it is temporary and will not be part of what heaven is about. To try to find our true identity on anything other than what God has established is to miss out on what we truly are in the sight of God. 
Are you really looking for the truth? Is there a final authority on all things. Yes there is. Jesus Christ is the one with the answers that we need to know. Why not come to Him and discover the real purpose of your life. Religious leaders in Jesus’ day came to Him with questions to trip Him up but they got more than they bargained for. Don’t come the way they did but come with an open heart and He will speak eternal life into you.
There are not a lot of sure things in life. Someone has said death and taxes are sure but the real surety is that a Savior has come and died for our sins. He is worthy to be accepted. This message is a challenge to you to discover what is unshakable and get there. Everything else will be shaken in your life but if your eternal soul is resting on Jesus Christ then it is safe. Even death itself cannot move you.
Do you realize the privilege that God calls you to? When you accept Christ as your SaviorHe comes to live within you and you become the dwelling place or temple of God. Church buildings are not God’s temple. People are. Jesus wants you to be a house of prayer.
 I humbly present this study to you on life after death. There is much in God’s word on this subject and I did not cover it all but shared some truths that i hope will be helpful to you. Indeed there is much that we do not know but there are some basic truths that we can grasp that can help us to be prepared for death. A Savior has come to rescue us from the fear of death so we may know the comfort of the Lord. 
(There is a word file that you can download called “after death” with the Bible verses and notes so you can follow along with the discussion. 
after-death         Accompanying Word Fie 
Some people’s perception of God is very warped. They think that He is a cruel God who wants to destroy us. This is not so. Yes God must punish sin in order to be the just God that He is, but He sent His Son Jesus Christ to be punished for our sins so we could be delivered from the wrath of God for sin. He takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked but wants people to turn to Him. In this message we see the compassion of Jesus as He weeps over Jerusalem and says that He has longed to gather His people like a hen gathers its chicks under its wings they they were unwilling. Friends God wants to gather you in to Himself to a place of safety but are you willing? There is a real hell but Jesus has done all that is needed to rescue you. If you do not come to Him it is not His fault if you are lost. An open door of salvation is available right now and there is a compassionate Savior calling. 
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