Church Bulletin  (Where? What? When?)

We network together with churches and church plants in western and central Cape Breton and this is a list of events in the upcoming week 

Welcome October 14th, 2018 “The Just Judgement of Jesus” As I hear, I judge; and My judgement is righteous” John 5:30 Preaching this morning: Pastor Pierre Chiasson      Greeting this morning: Amber Rota                                Greeting next week:  Marie Mathilde Quinlan     Nursery this morning:  Kerri Gibson-Grant                        Nursery next week: Honora Comeau                                                                                                                            This Week: Sunday:  6:00pm  Highland Christian Comm. Church in Cape North.  Meeting at the Cape North United Church Hall in Cape North with Pastor Pierre Chiasson speaking. Wed:   7:00pm  Bible study here at the church.  Continue  studying the book of Revelation.  Marie Mathilde on snack.         Thurs:  3:00 – 4:30   Kids for Christ.  Here at the church.                                                                                                                                             Fri:  Youth Group:  To be announced A Thanksgiving Concert & Puppet show will be held on October 20th at 6:00pm at the Janvrin Island Community Center with Pastor Pierre Chiasson & Friends. Prayer Needs:  * For those who are struggling with addictions & mental health.                              

* For salvation in Cheticamp and surrounding areas                                                              
  * For wisdom and provision as we plan together our new addition to the church building                     * Baby Asher ( Florence’s niece’s baby) one month old born with a congenital heart defect                  
* Beth MacKenzie (Heathers’ mother) who returned home from hospital yesterday                                          
* Dennis AuCoin (Anna) who is receiving treatment for cancer                                                           
  * Leonard Bourgeois who had a spot removed from his nose.  Praying it’s not cancerous                                                          
* For Kathy (her health); for Joe and Amanda  LeBlanc                                                                                           
* For Janvrin Island and surrounding communities; for Mike and Doreen                                       
 * Amber,  RR, Aurora and Hadriel as they have been apart over 5 1/2 months and as Amber continues to raise support and prepares to return to the Philippines at the end of December.                                       * Continue praying for Hailey Kane (16 year old) from Annapolis Valley who has been hospitalized for over 4 months now.   She has fluid on the her lungs and praying it won’t develop into pneumonia.   She is in need of a heart transplant.
Praise the Lord for good reports for Mara Dunphy (Crystal and Ambrose’s youngest daughter)                
             Church Financials:  Offerings:  Oct 7th:  $1960.16        Sept 30th:  $1233.74   
Praise the Lord for provision towards our church building expansion.   In order to meet our budget, our offerings need to average out to $1133 each week.     For any donations or gifts of support to the church, cheques can be written out to                              
Christian Community Church of Cheticamp: mailing address is: 
 P.O. Box 861, 14044 Cabot Trail Cheticamp, Nova Scotia    B0E 1H0                                                


7 Responses to “Church Bulletin/About”

  1. Louise says:

    This site is completely amazing! I am checking each day and enjoying the sermons and studies. You are so generous and I am very grateful.
    Thank you!

  2. Garry Potvin says:

    This is an excellent site. It keeps us very connected with our Cheticamp church and fellow believers.

  3. Margie Mackinnon says:

    Hi all, Just want to let everyone know that my brother Francis Morrison, has been released from the Regional and is staying for awhile with our sister. He had his large intestine removed, and is doing much better. Needs to get his strenght back and put on some weight, only weighing 100 lbs, as of today. I want to thank all who prayed for him, and to me, to think how awesome the family of God is that I belong to. God sure knows what He is doing. I am so blessed to be part of it all. Praise the Lord Jesus and our Almighty Father who is so sufficient for all we ever need.

  4. admin says:

    We are doing a concert at the Foyer Pere Fiset at 6:30 on Wednesday instead. The last Wednesday of every month instead of Bible Study we go to the Foyer. Feel free to come. It is for 1 hour.

  5. Vince says:

    I am unable to attend my usual church service this Sunday. Is it possible for me to attend the Sunday church service in Inverness, even though I attend another church? Also, I have only recently moved back to the area and am not sure when the service starts, how to find it, and if there is an appropriate dress code.

  6. Robert Shannon says:

    Can Pierre Chiasson contact me directly at the above email address. I live in Calgary, Alberta, and lived previously in Nova Scotia. Our good friend, Kristin Muntz, gave me Pierre’s name. I have written the words only for two new Gospel Hymns (THE WONDER OF THIS PLACE and WE ARE YOUR PEOPLE ) and would like Pierre to look at them and if deemed possible perhaps he could put to his wonderful creative music to them. Cheers, Bob

  7. Margie says:

    just want to say what a wonderful job you did with Revelation 6, I believe it will be as you have shown, and who knows when, but praying we who will trust will be brave and strong to follow only our Lord and Savior, and shine for Jesus. Wonderful Pierre

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