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We want welcome you to come to our Church Services which are every Sunday morning at the Kinsmen Hall on the “Cheticamp Back Road” at 10:30 AM. Home Bible Studies are each Wednesday. To find out where go to Church Bulletin. We are a fellowship of believers coming together to declare the glory of the Lord and celebrate Jesus as King. We study the Word, seek to practice what we learn and in the process grow together. May God richly bless you!

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On Aug 5th we had a wonderful evening of fellowship together at Joe and Kathy Leblanc’s place in LeMoine. Here are some clips of the evening.
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If you are new to this site the pastors wife, Marie Chiasson was  diagnosed with stage 4b cancer in the liver and lymph nodes in Nov 2013 and there are updates posted here so people can pray. We believe God answers prayers mightily!!  
New Update July 26th 2015
Lately Marie has been feeling a little more tired and we could tell that the tumors were growing more in her neck. Marie had a cat scan last week and we met with the doctor afterwards. After consultation with a team of doctors the recommendation is to resume chemotherapy. She has been off chemo since Oct 31st 2014. It has been a good break from chemo and she has had a good winter and spring. She was basically on aleve for arthritis pain management and that has worked well. We were expecting this and she will get her first treatment on Thursday July 30th in Sydney. Overall she still feels pretty good. We have appreciated all the prayers and look for ongoing prayer in the days to come.
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Here is an excerpt from a show done in 2003. it contains testimony and music by Pierre Chiasson and friends on 100 Huntley Street which is an international TV show
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 On Huntley Street
Recent Testimonies
These are stories of how people came to know God and what He is doing in their lives. There are many more on the Testimonies page. If you are looking for one that was advertised on facebook and it is not here then you will find it on the “Testimonies ” page.          
William or “Butch” shares how life can have difficulties but in the end we must trust God. He was here on a mission trip from Louisiana and shared his story at Highlands Christian Community Church in Cape North. 
William Brinlee
Here is the story of a man who traveled the world and still found that he lacked. Listen to how God touched him in in a hotel in London England  as he picked up a Bible placed by the Gideons there.
(Roger was in Cape Breton on a short term mission trip and shared his story at our Cheticamp Service on July 12th 2015)
Roger Thacker
Here is a woman who was going to church on a regular basis but came to the place where she realized that she needed to be saved. It is not enough to be religious and join a church!
( Janis was part of a mission team from Louisiana and shared her story on July 12th 2015 in our Cheticamp service)
Janis Ratcliff



Mark and Janet share how they became Christians and the way God has been drawing them to come and serve the Lord in Cape Breton

  Mark and Janet         Testimony of Mark and Janet Palmer

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Here is an excellent message on what is most important in life. Do you find that your life is full of clutter? Not just the physical things but your mind and your soul can get cluttered up. This message will help you to value what really matters.   July 12th 2015 Cheticamp
There are many things we can share with one another but the most precious seed that we can have planted in our lives and plant in other people is the “seed” of the Word of God. Truth really does set people free and God’s word is truth. Here is a message shared in Cheticamp from Luke 8 that reveals the importance of the word of God.
We not only need good seed which is the word of God but we need good soil to have a harvest. Jesus talks about different kinds of soil. He compares soil to the hearts of humans. The soil can be hard, rocky, full of thorns or good soil. What is your heart like? Oh people would have prepared hearts so that they bear the wonderful fruit of God in their lives. No matter how good the seed we need the right kind of soil.
This verse has so many greats in it that I call it the greatest verse. Shared in Inverness on June 2nd 2015
How incredible that the God of the Universe will take up residence inside those who trust in Him. His presence in you is life changing and glorious. Being saved is going to heaven when you die but it is much more than this. It is the presence and person and power of Christ living in you so His character and the fruit of the Spirit (love ,joy peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control,) flows from your life. We need the fullness of God in us to live the way that He has called us.
Here is a Bible Study from Colossians 1:27 called 
Here is an exciting Psalm that reveals the fullness and the overflow in the life of a believer who walks in the blessings of God. Are you living in fullness and is there overflow? I encourage you to listen to this message for these passages of scripture are key verses for Christian living at it’s best.
Jesus prays to His Father and as He prays He speaks of Glorifying the Father and Himself and this through the work of the cross by which we are given “Eternal Life” It is wonderful that here Jesus tells us what Eternal life is
We often refer to the prayer “Our Father who is in heaven” as the Lord’s prayer but the true Lord’s prayer is in John 17 where we see Jesus praying to the Father and in this prayer we find His tender care for those who believe in Him. I call it the “Care Prayer” Here is a message from John 17  

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In 2007 Marie and I and Grace were on the television program “Tribal Trails”. We sang together and Marie and I shared some of our story of how we came to Christ. Below this video are pictures of Marie and I before we were Christians on a powerpoint file.
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Here are a few pictures of Pierre and Marie Chiasson from 1977. This was at a time when we were lost in sin and the drug world. Jesus came to us and rescued us and gave us a brand new life.

There are a few present day pictures as well

Powerpoint file   Pierre and Marie before conversion


 In 1999 we did a 1/2 hour cable TV show called “Hope Cape Breton”. Here is that program. The musicians were myself (Pierre Chiasson) Rob Reid, Winston MacEachern and Mark Tobin.

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Here is a word file copy of a book that is life transforming. Next to the Bible this book has blessed me in my Christian walk through the years, It is public domain so download and enjoy.

 Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret


 Free songs are available on the “Music” Page


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Here is a short video filmed in the highlands of Cape Breton with an important message for you.

 The Grace and Mercy Of God


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