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Here is an excerpt from a show done in 2003. it contains testimony and music by Pierre Chiasson and friends on 100 Huntley Street which is an international TV show
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 On Huntley Street
Here is a new Christmas song I wrote last month (Dec 2014)
Pierre Chiasson
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Christian Community Church is here for you.

We want welcome you to come to our Church Services which are every Sunday morning at the Kinsmen Hall on the “Cheticamp Back Road” at 10:30 AM. Home Bible Studies are each Wednesday. To find out where go to Church Bulletin. We are a fellowship of believers coming together to declare the glory of the Lord and celebrate Jesus as King. We study the Word, seek to practice what we learn and in the process grow together. May God richly bless you!

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 If you are new to this site the pastors wife, Marie Chiasson was  diagnosed with stage 4b liver cancer in Nov 2013 and there are updates posted here so people can pray. We believe God answers prayers mightily!! 

Update on Marie’s health Jan 15th 2015

Marie had a CT scan yesterday and we saw the Oncologist afterwards. She has not had any chemo since Oct 30th 2014. There was a little bit of growth in one tumor in her liver but none anywhere else. The Dr. says that with the original diagnosis and the multiple tumors she had that it is amazing how well she is doing. He said that obviously prayer has been a big factor. There are no plans to do any chemo at the moment as he said this amount of growth was minimal and not a threat. He has decided to do another biopsy of one of the nodes on her neck to determine the pathology as it seems this cancer is much more responsive to treatment than they expected. They will do that biopsy this month and then do an assessment from the results of that test. All in all it was a good day. Marie’s energy level is slowly rising and she is feeling better and her hair is growing back quickly and she is able to do more without tiring. Her rheumatoid arthritis has resurfaced now that she is off chemo and steroids so she is managing it with Aleve but it is still painful and inhibiting at times. She still has a low grade fever if she does not take Aleve or Tylenol. The doctor says it is likely from that spot on her liver. Even though the cancer is still there it is far less than what we were dealing with a year ago and we are so grateful to God for a good report and the improvement in her health. Our daughter got married on New Years Eve and it was wonderful that Marie was feeling good and able to fully participate in it. She has not spent one night in the hospital since her diagnosis over a year ago! God is good and we are so thankful for His mercy. We would like to thank everyone again for your prayers and support and please keep on praying.

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Recent Testimonies
These are stories of how people came to know God and what He is doing in their lives. There are many more on the Testimonies page          Testimonies
Daniel Matheson is from Little Narrows in Cape Breton. Here he shares how he came to know Jesus Christ personally.
Daniel Matheson


 Recent Messages
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Some folks think we are to literally eat Jesus and some worship the bread and some believe they are unworthy to take it and many just take it because it is a ritual that they always have done.
Are you clear in your understanding of “Communion or “The Lord’s Supper”? Many do not seem to understand what this really is and what is the purpose of it. Thankfully the Bible is very clear in its teaching about this so there need not be any confusion. Here is a message to explain this so we can practice what the Bible says about this important action that the Lord has called us to do.
Click here to listen   Communion
This is  a solemn warning that we need to respond immediately to the call of Jesus to come to Him. He is the light of the world and He wants us to become “Children Of Light ” with Him, but there is an urgency in the call of God. Now is always the time to come to Jesus as we have no promise of tomorrow.
Jesus was at the peak of His ministry but He was prepared to walk away from the glory that people offered and go to the cross. He knew that by dying He would bring us to life. He also shares that we too must be willing to die to ourselves if we really want to live abundantly and be a blessing to others. There is a better way than the world’s concept of asserting self and pushing towards the top. He who humbles himself will be exalted!
Cape North Jan 11th 2015 
John the Baptist was a fiery preacher with a message that the Bible describes as a comfort. Sometimes we need to have our sin exposed so we can be cured from it. John came to expose so Jesus could apply the cure!
Cheticamp Jan 11th 2015 
These Psalms have a similar theme of the contrast between the righteous and the wicked. This contrast shows in their thinking, in their conduct, and in their destination. Make sure that you are on the right side of this by trusting in Jesus!
In this Psalm we find King David under conviction for his sin after his adultery and murder. David was quick to judge but he had no conviction for his own sin at first. When he saw his own sin then he cried for mercy and God forgave. May we see our own sin and the seriousness of it and the great mercy of God that can forgive. Oh the depth of our depravity but God’s mercy goes deeper still and not only forgives but restores, purifies and transforms us!
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In 2007 Marie and I and Grace were on the television program “Tribal Trails”. We sang together and Marie and I shared some of our story of how we came to Christ. Below this video are pictures of Marie and I before we were Christians on a powerpoint file.
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Here are a few pictures of Pierre and Marie Chiasson from 1977. This was at a time when we were lost in sin and the drug world. Jesus came to us and rescued us and gave us a brand new life.

There are a few present day pictures as well

Powerpoint file   Pierre and Marie before conversion



In 1999 we did a 1/2 hour cable TV show called “Hope Cape Breton”. Here is that program. The musicians were myself (Pierre Chiasson) Rob Reid, Winston MacEachern and Mark Tobin.

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Watch a short clip of singing at church

Church Singing


Here is a word file copy of a book that is life transforming. Next to the Bible this book has blessed me in my Christian walk through the years, It is public domain so download and enjoy.


Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret



 Free songs are available on the “Music” Page


-To see videos of Baptisms in the ocean click below-Baptism Videos



Here is a short video filmed in the highlands of Cape Breton with an important message for you.


 The Grace and Mercy Of God


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