Welcome To Christian Community Church of Cheticamp

We have moved from the Kinsmen Hall to our new building.
Praise God for all His Provision!
We are now at 14044 Cabot Trail in Point Cross


To see what has happened with our church building project click below for pictures and updates 
First Sermon in our new Building Nov 1st 2015
Christian Community Church is here for you.

We want welcome you to come to our Church Services which are every Sunday morning at 14044 Cabot Trail in Point Cross Cheticamp, N.S. at 10:30 AM. Home Bible Studies are each Wednesday. To find out where go to Church Bulletin. We are a fellowship of believers coming together to declare the glory of the Lord and celebrate Jesus as King. We study the Word, seek to practice what we learn and in the process grow together. May God richly bless you!

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On Aug 5th we had a wonderful evening of fellowship together at Joe and Kathy Leblanc’s place in LeMoine. Here are some clips of the evening.
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If you are new to this site the pastors wife, Marie Chiasson was  diagnosed with stage 4b cancer in the liver and lymph nodes in Nov 2013 and there are updates posted here so people can pray. We believe God answers prayers mightily!!  
Update on Nov 3rd 2015

 Marie has had 4 treatments of taxotere since July 30 2015 and at first the results were promising as the tumors shrunk by over 50% in the first 2 treatments but after a recent cat scan we have seen that they are growing again which tells us that this chemo is no longer effective. She will take a break from chemo as the doctors reassess what will be the next course of treatment. It will be good to have a break from chemo as it is quite tiring for her. It may be after Christmas before she begins another course of treatment. She has been very active and had a wonderful visit from 3 sisters and a brother from Alberta and a sister from PEI all in one week. God is good in every way. We do appreciate your prayer support and ask you to continue as we do not know if the next chemo they try will be effective. God has been very good to us and we are rejoicing in Him in spite of cancer.

Here is a history of our journey with cancer but more important our journey with Christ in it. (Click below)
Here is an excerpt from a show done in 2003. it contains testimony and music by Pierre Chiasson and friends on 100 Huntley Street which is an international TV show
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 On Huntley Street
Recent Testimonies
These are stories of how people came to know God and what He is doing in their lives. There are many more on the “Testimonies” page. If you are looking for one that was advertised on facebook and it is not here then you will find it on the “Testimonies ” page.          
Randy is a Policeman from South Carolina who shared with us his journey to faith in Jesus Christ
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 Recent Messages
If you are looking for a sermon and it is no longer here then it is on the sermons page.To listen to it or other messages click here –Sermons
Here are a series of messages from Luke Chapter 9
The disciples were put in a challenging position when Jesus says to feed the multitude and it becomes an opportunity for them to trust and obey Jesus. God gives us opportunities to do the same!
The true glory and nature of Jesus was revealed to Peter, James and John on the mountaintop along with the true reason why He came into the world
Sometimes we think we can live this Christian life in our own strength. We think we can coast along and maybe not depend on Him as much. This happened to the disciples and they discovered how much they needed Him
May God protect us from pride and exclusivity and hardness which are traps we can all fall into. The disciples had these problems but Jesus did not give up on them.
Jesus is calling us to follow Him and to do things His way and not ours. Don’t make up your own Jesus and your own way but be willing to submit your life into His will and way
Here is a message taught at a home Bible Study in Inverness by Randy Phanasteel. Randy is a policeman from South Carolina but he is also a Bible teacher and former missionary to the Philippines with New Tribes Missions
Oh the wonder of the risen Savior and the wonder of the love of Mary Magellan who discovered Him
The center of your life and ministry is you love for Jesus Christ
Here is a message preached in Inverness on Sept 20th 2015
In this message we see the wonderful invitation of God for us to come to Him. Sometimes we don’t see what God has to offer but when we do how could we not go running to Jesus. He invites us to come for cleansing from sin. He invites us to come and get our heavy loads lifted. He invites us to come and be filled up with God’s Spirit and He invites us to come and worship. The sad thing is that many will not come. Jesus said it in  “Joh 5:40 But you are not willing to come to Me that you may have life.” I hope you are one who is willing to come to Jesus because He came a long way towards you so you can come to Him.


In 2007 Marie and I and Grace were on the television program “Tribal Trails”. We sang together and Marie and I shared some of our story of how we came to Christ. Below this video are pictures of Marie and I before we were Christians on a powerpoint file.
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Here are a few pictures of Pierre and Marie Chiasson from 1977. This was at a time when we were lost in sin and the drug world. Jesus came to us and rescued us and gave us a brand new life.

There are a few present day pictures as well

Powerpoint file   Pierre and Marie before conversion


 In 1999 we did a 1/2 hour cable TV show called “Hope Cape Breton”. Here is that program. The musicians were myself (Pierre Chiasson) Rob Reid, Winston MacEachern and Mark Tobin.

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Here is a word file copy of a book that is life transforming. Next to the Bible this book has blessed me in my Christian walk through the years, It is public domain so download and enjoy.

 Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret


 Free songs are available on the “Music” Page


-To see videos of Baptisms in the ocean click below-Baptism Videos



Here is a short video filmed in the highlands of Cape Breton with an important message for you.

 The Grace and Mercy Of God


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