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We want welcome you to come to our Church Services which are every Sunday morning at the Kinsmen Hall at 10:30 AM. Home Bible Studies are each Wednesday. To find out where go to Church Bulletin. We are a fellowship of believers coming together to declare the glory of the Lord and celebrate Jesus as King. We study the Word, seek to practice what we learn and in the process grow together. May God richly bless you!

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If you are new to this site the pastors wife, Marie Chiasson was  diagnosed with stage 4b liver cancer in Nov 2013 and there are updates posted here so people can pray. We believe God answers prayers mightily!!

Update on Marie’s health as of July 8th 2014

It is now July 8th and Marie has had one treatment of her new chemo drug (Docetaxel or Taxotere) on June 23rd. She had to take steroids with it before and 3 days after. At first there was no reaction to it and she felt really good for most of the week from the steroids but by Saturday she began to experience blisters on her scalp and in her mouth which were uncomfortable. By the next weekend she began to loose her hair. This is the first chemo to affect her hair. She still has most of it but it is going fast. The blisters have subsided so that reaction is gone for now. Last weekend she had a temp and her white cell count was low so she had to go to the hospital and get on a triple dose of antibiotics. She feels pretty good right now but tires easily. Her next treatment is supposed to be next Monday (July 14th) if her blood counts are OK. It is early to tell if the chemo has any affect on the tumors but it does seem the one on her neck is smaller. Thanks again for your prayers. We are still experiencing God’s peace and presence. Marie said today the loss of someone’s soul is far more important than the loss of her hair so she has been spending time praying for others.

Click on the link below to read the earlier reports and to view the history of our journey with Christ and cancer.

Report On Marie’s Health


Recent Messages

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Here is a message taught at a home Bible Study in Port Hood on July 8th 2014.It is one verse of scripture that tells us the bad news and the good news that we all need to hear. By accepting by faith what God says in this verse you can be saved and have eternal life!!!


                                             Death or Life (Romans 6–23)



In John Chapter eight Jesus wants us to see that He is the true judge of the hearts of men and women and that there is no difference between the so called best and the so called worst of us when we stand before a holy God. 

The ground is level (John Chapter 8)


To hear more sermons from John’s gospel click on this link Sermons
No matter whether we are in a situation where we are overwhelmed by outside circumstances or where we have made our own mess, we can still turn to the Lord and He will respond!
Psa 31:24 Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart, All you who hope in the LORD.
For more studies in Psalms click here Sermons
Here we see the intent of the betrayer (Judas Iscariot) and the devotion of Mary (the sister of Lazarus) to Jesus.
Where is your heart’s devotion?


Here is a song sung by Leonard and Geraldine Bourgeois


Leonard and Geraldine

Jesus is the Lord of the entire dance of life and the universe itself yet He chose to come and die for us!!!

Lord Of The Dance (Leonard and Geraldine Bourgeois)



Here is the story of how Robin LaPointe came to trust in Jesus and discover God’s guidance in his life

Robin LaPointe

Testimony of Robin LaPointe


Robin is a storyteller and here is a short humorous story of God feeding the birds 

God Feeds The Birds


To hear exciting stories click here– Testimonies


Here is a song written and sung by my daughter Grace. She wrote it and it was recorded live that evening.

Grace Chiasson – Unbound



In 2007 Marie and I and Grace were on the television program “Tribal Trails”. We sang together and Marie and I shared some of our story of how we came to Christ. Below this video are pictures of Marie and I before we were Christians on a powerpoint file.



Here are a few pictures of Pierre and Marie Chiasson from 1977. This was at a time when we were lost in sin and the drug world. Jesus came to us and rescued us and gave us a brand new life.

There are a few present day pictures as well

Powerpoint file   Pierre and Marie before conversion



In 1999 we did a 1/2 hour cable TV show called “Hope Cape Breton”. Here is that program. The musicians were myself (Pierre Chiasson) Rob Reid, Winston MacEachern and Mark Tobin.




Watch a short clip of singing at church

Church Singing


Here is a word file copy of a book that is life transforming. Next to the Bible this book has blessed me in my Christian walk through the years, It is public domain so download and enjoy.


Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret



 Free songs are available on the “Music” Page


-To see videos of Baptisms in the ocean click below-Baptism Videos



Here is a short video filmed in the highlands of Cape Breton with an important message for you.


 The Grace and Mercy Of God


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