Series on “The Cross Applied” (Inverness Home Studies)

This series takes a close look at what the cross of Christ does for us. While all the blessings are in what Christ has done for us they are only realized in our experience when it is applied. This comes through faith. There is a powerpoint file with scriptures to

accompany the messages.


1. The Cross Applied Lesson 1 (Dead to sin’s punishment)            2. The Cross Applied Lesson 2 (Dead to the Law)

3. The Cross Applied lesson 3 (Dead to Satan)                               4. The cross applied lesson 4 (Dead to sin and self)

5. The Cross Applied lesson 5 (Dead to the world)                          6. The cross Applied lesson 6 (Peace with God)

7. The Cross Applied lesson 7 (Peace with Others)                     The Cross Applied

 powerpoint file to accompany messages
The powerpoint file contains more slides than what is included in messages on the subject of faith