Church Building Project


Roof is completed and Steeple is up!


Original condition of building

2014-12-25 11.37.19

Renovated Front

 History of the project

 In July 2013—

God has blessed us with a property in Point Cross on the outskirts of Cheticamp. It has 19 acres with a 40? X 28?  building with 2 floors with access to sewage and water.  Three years ago we started saving for a church home for our congregation. We had saved up $40,000 in free will giving plus some operating money. This property was for sale last year for $99,000. It dropped to $65,000 this spring and we prayed and offered $40,000 and the seller accepted with expenses on top of that.

While we know that the church is the people (not the building) it is wonderful to have a building of our own to meet in. Through the hard work and guidance and provision of God we can rejoice in being in our own building.

Upstairs when we bought it
 The second floor was partly insulated with some gyp-rock up. This insulation all needed to come down and the gyp-rock thrown out. The space for insulation was too narrow so we had to deepen all the rafters by adding about 4 inches and strap it all. There was also rot under the windows and under big double doors that were upstairs. This rot went down to the 1st floor.  We removed those doors and windows and fixed the walls on both ends.  This involved removing siding and replacing studding and plywood on both ends. We put a new exit door upstairs reinstalled windows and re-insulated some of it. 
We also had an electrician come in and rewire all the upstairs and the downstairs
        Second Floor   IMG_0439  Second Floor   New Building and Property
New door and windows and siding!
2014-12-25 11.37.19
 As of Jan 1st 2017

Here is what has been done and some things that will need to be done in the near future


We have worked as God provided the finances and He has provided wonderfully!

The white text items are done

The green text indicates what is yet to be done


  1. Electrical hook-up with Nova Scotia Power with a new mast and entrance
  2. Wire the entire building for new lights and plugs and electric heat
  3. Take out all existing s ofhelving and old wallboard 
  4. Replace a section of wall that had rot in it from window leakage
  5. Install a new exit door at the back of the building
  6. Remove the old door and window on the right side of the building and close it in
  7. Frame up 2 bathrooms downstairs    
  8. Extend the roof rafters out to increase the insulation and strap the entire surface for wall board. 
  9. A new exit door for upstairs installed
  10. Hook up to the existing septic system and waterline to the well (Pump is already there)
  11. Remove 2 garage doors and disassemble and close in the wall
  12. New Fridge donated
  13. counter and sink purchased
  14. Chairs and a sign were donated from Belle Cote Community Center
  15. Remove steel chimney and close in the roof
  16. Repair the wall that has rot in it on the left side of the building and close in the big door upstairs
  17. New windows on the front of building
  18. Install a new entrance door with panic bar
  19.  New siding on the front of building
  20. Brace the floor joists on the ceiling and strengthen the main beams to meet code
  21. Frame up bathroom upstairs
  22. Finish electrical and sound system wiring and get inspection
  23. An outside stairway from the upstairs for a fire exit
  24. Venting for air exchanger
  25. Install air exchanger
  26. Install plumbing for bathrooms and toilets and sinks including venting
  27. Insulate the upstairs ceiling and walls 
  28. Insulate the downstairs ceiling and walls
  29. Install a drop ceiling with new light panels
  30. Wallboard the entire downstairs
  31. Wallboard the entire upstairs
  32. Drywall Taping
  33. Install sound booth
  34. Floor leveller to put on concrete floor and insulated panels to be put on concrete
  35. Install sub floor
  36. New industrial tile flooring
  37. Paint Inside of building
  38. Install cupboards and shelves and stove for kitchenette
  39. Close in the inside stairwell
  40.  fire door installed to upstairs
  41. Install Electric heaters throughout the building
  42. Install toilets sinks in 2 washrooms and hot water tank
  43. Purchase tables
  44. Fix the driveway so that it is not too steep
  45. More surface gravel work to be done on driveway
  46. Install a permanent sign at the road
  47. Install Shower
  48. New roof 
  49. Place a steeple on the building to increase visibility
  50. Install 2 heat pumps for summer air conditioning and winter heat