Testimony of Chris Holloway
Chris comes from Southern Louisiana and came and visited with us in Sept of 2016
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Testimony of Ronnie Mabile
Ronnie comes from Southern Louisiana and came and visited with us in Sept of 2016.
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Katy and Ashanti
Katy and Ashanti are from Manitoba and came to our church service while vacationing in Cape Breton. They sang and shared their stories.
Here they are singing “How Deep the Father’s Love”
Henry MacDougall 2


Henry is 94 years old and here he shares his journey of coming to faith in Jesus Christ and what God has done in his life.


We Trust these testimonies will encourage you in your spiritual journey

Randy is a Policeman from South Carolina who shared with us his journey to faith in Jesus Christ
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Peter was a young man about to take his own life but God stepped in and saved him
Terri Lee
Terri Lee comes from South Carolina and was here on a mission trip in August. This is her story
Both Brenda and her husband Briggs were on the same trip with Terri Lee. here are their stories.
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Both Brenda and her husband Briggs were on the same trip with Terri Lee. here are their stories.
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William or “Butch” shares how life can have difficulties but in the end we must trust God. He was here on a mission trip from Louisiana and shared his story at Highlands Christian Community Church in Cape North. 
William Brinlee
Here is the story of a man who traveled the world and still found that he lacked. Listen to how God touched him in in a hotel in London England  as he picked up a Bible placed by the Gideons there.
(Roger was in Cape Breton on a short term mission trip and shared his story at our Cheticamp Service on July 12th 2015)
Roger Thacker
Here is a woman who was going to church on a regular basis but came to the place where she realized that she needed to be saved. It is not enough to be religious and join a church!
( Janis was part of a mission team from Louisiana and shared her story on July 12th 2015 in our Cheticamp service)
Janis Ratcliff
Neil and Leta Sterling have been missionaries with New Tribes Missions for many decades. Here Neil shares his testimony of how he came to Christ and also shares a message on deliverance from fear

Neil and Leta Sterling      Testimony of Neil Sterling


Mark and Janet share how they became Christians and the way God has been drawing them to come and serve the Lord in Cape Breton


Mark and Janet         Testimony of Mark and Janet Palmer



This is not Annika’s story of how she came to know the Lord but her experiences in working at the Wototo Orphanage in Uganda. She shared slides which I do not have but it is still worthwhile to listen to this girl’s heart and what God is doing in hard places
Annika has a blog that is well worth reading here is the address to it
Here is an interview of Francine Chiasson prior to a short Mission trip to Haiti. She also shares a song in English and French with us. If you would like to hear her full testimony then scroll down and you will find it


Testimony of Francine Chiasson

  Here is the story of my sister Francine telling how she came to trust in Jesus and the journey she has been on with God.





 Testimony of Francine Chiasson




Daniel Matheson is from Little Narrows in Cape Breton. Here he shares how he came to know Jesus Christ personally.
Daniel Matheson
Here is the story of Winter Case as He discovered the true vitality of a walk with God. Winter has been a coordinator of teams coming from Louisiana to the Maritimes
Winter and Betty
Testimony Of Louis Charrier


Louis Charrier is a pastor in southern Louisiana. (Cajun Country) He shared his story with us at Bible Study in Cheticamp.
He was a star track athlete as a young man but when his young sister died he began to wonder about spiritual things and what happens after death. Listen to this exciting story of how he discovered faith in God and the strength that God has given him with difficult trials that he has faced over the years. 
New Bible Camp Directors Share God’s Call!!!!
This is not a testimony of salvation but of the call of God on a young family to come and serve as directors at Cape Breton Bible Camp with a report of what God is doing there and the ways you can be involved
Peter and Ashley Stenstrum and Family
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We had visitors from Germany who stopped in for a service at our church. They were in the area for over a week and I asked if Justina would share her testimony. It is wonderful how God is working everywhere drawing people to a living and vibrant relationship with Jesus!!
Ray discovered at the end of life’s disappointments there is the Lord Jesus (This recording has static)


God steps in and brings deliverance and peace from a place of abuse and broken relationships!!
Debbie and her husband Ray are visiting us from South Carolina. They are hear to encourage us in the Lord’s work. She shared her testimony at our home Bible Study in Cheticamp on Wed, Aug 20th 2014. She tells her story of broken relationships and pain but how God rescued her and brought her to freedom. She now ministers to single moms and their children.
Comment: Kate Boisvenue says
 I was listening to a few of the Testimonies tonight and I wanted to say thank you to Debbie Weiland for her testimony. The Lord spoke to me through your experiences and gave me a beautiful peace after hearing it. Thank you 
 Marc is from the the Churchpoint area of Nova Scotia between Digby and Yarmouth. He is the bass player on the worship team at Emmanuel Baptist Church. He was on vacation and stopped in at our church service
Marc Buckley
Testimony of Corey Betts

Corey and Amy Betts


Corey and his wife are assistant directors at Cape Breton Bible Camp for the summer of 2014. He shares with us his journey to a relationship with Jesus and God’s call to ministry

Click Here  Testimony of Cory Betts







John Zinck

Although John is physically blind he can see in a way that so many cannot





Mark Spradling


Mark is from Morgan City Louisiana and was in Cheticamp on a mission trip in July of 2014



Kevin Breaux
Kevin is from Morgan City Louisiana and was in Cheticamp on a mission trip in July of 2014
Testimony of Trudi Brinlee


Trudi is from Morgan City Louisiana and was in Cheticamp on a mission trip in July of 2014


Trudi Clements Brinlee

Trudi Clements Brinlee

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Robin LaPointe


Here is the story of how Robin LaPointe came to trust in Jesus and discover God’s guidance in his life

 Testimony of Robin LaPointe

Robin is a storyteller and here is a short humorous story of God feeding the birds

God Feeds The Birds


Mathew and Paula Morrison


Hear the story of how Mathew Morrison discovered the wonder of salvation! He also recounts God’s presence in the midst of experiencing cancer.

                 click here—>  Testimony of Mathew Morrison


Testimony of Francine Chiasson


Here is the story of my sister Francine telling how she came to trust in Jesus and the journey she has been on with God.





 Testimony of Francine Chiasson



 Testimony of  Vaclav Vasil

Vaclav comes from the former country of Czechoslovakia. He spoke of his journey to faith in Christ at Dingwall on Jan 12th 2014. Vaclav is ministering as a church planter in Port Hood Nova Scotia

Vaclav 2

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Testimony of Vaclav Vasil


 Testimony of Ian McCulloch

Ian is from Sydney Nova Scotia. He is involved in ministry at Westside Bible Chapel in Sydney, He shared his testimony and the Word of God to us in Cheticamp on Jan 12th 2014




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Testimony of Ian McCulloch


Testimony of Ernie Hollands


enie holland


Here is the remarkable story of Ernie Hollands. He was born in 1930 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, lived a rough childhood and ended up spending 25 years in prison.

In 1975 He accepted Christ as His Savior and then lived a life for the glory of God. He went home to be with the Lord in 1996.

 This testimony is quite long (1hour and 15 minutes) but well worth listening to. There are some graphic descriptions of his life as a bank robber and conditions in prison.



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     Testimony of Ernie Hollands

If you would like to know more about the ministry He and his wife started click here 




 Testimony of Roland AuCoin

 I met Roland in 1978 along with a few Christians in Cheticamp when I first trusted in Jesus. He is originally from Cheticamp but now lives in Montreal. He and his wife Teresa visited our service On November  3rd 2013 and I asked him to share his testimony. It was a great joy to see him again.




Testimony of Pastor Murray MacDonald


Pastor Murray is a retired Pastor who is originally from Margaree and now lives in New Brunswick. He still has a summer home in Margaree. He shares his conversion and the faithfulness of God in his life.








Testimony of Wilfred Bout

Wilfred or Wilf is the father of 5 children and a missionary to the migrant workers from Mexico and Guatemala who work in the Niagara Peninsula. He and his family were on vacation and visited our church on Sept 15th 2013.


Wilf Bout

 Testimony of Bruce Nunn



Bruce lives in Baddeck Nova Scotia. He works for the Dept of Natural Resources and is a member of the Gideons. He attends Baddeck Community Baptist Church.





 Testimony of Jim Tune

Jim and his wife Claudia are on vacation in Cape Breton and stopped in at a service in Dingwall (Highlands Christian Community Church) on Aug 25th 2013. I asked him to share his story. It took him on a journey from a high power stock broker to a preacher of the gospel. He is currently senior pastor of Churchill Meadows Christian Church in Toronto, Canada with about 900 people attending.  Click on link below.


Testimony of Jim Tune from Churchill Meadows Christian Church Toronto


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Erin Burton’s Testimony


Erin Pic

Erin Burton is from Margaree and shared her walk with God with us at our service on Aug 25th.



Chuck Middlebrooks Testimony


Chuck is retired businessman from South Carolina who has committed his retirement years to share Christ in missions


Testimony of Norris Landry 


Norris is

 the Pastor of Hessmer Baptist Church in Louisiana. He brought a team of people to come to Cheticamp to put on a vacation Bible School for kids and to be a blessing to all of us


Tony MacNeil’s Testimony




Tony MacNeil comes from Sydney Nova Scotia. He currently lives in Baddeck and is an elder at Baddeck Community Baptist Church. He shared his testimony at our church on Sunday April 28th 2013


Testimony of Tom MacDonald


Tom MacDonald is from Port Hood on Cape Breton Island. He is an Elder at Margaree Valley Baptist Church. This is his story of how he came to faith in Jesus Christ.