Psalm 1 Sep 18th 2013 (Cheticamp) Psalm 2_Sept 24th 2013 (Port Hood) Psalm 3 Salvation Belongs to God Psalm 4 More In The Lord (Cheticamp) Psalm 5 Time with God (Inverness) Psalm 6 (A lament over sin) Psalm 7 What to do when I am slandered Psalm 8 He is mindful of Us!! Psalm 9 Let God Be Glorified and Man Humbled Psalm 10 Arise Oh Lord Psalm 11 (Take the Shield of Faith)

 Taught by Vaclav Vasil

Psalm 12 (God’s Word Versus Ours)Vaclav Vasil  Jan.28,2014 Psalm 13 Hope in Depression (Pierre Chiasson) Psalm 14-Who is a fool

 (by Pierre Chiasson)

Psalm 15 ( Who Can Meet God’s Standard)

 Pierre Chiasson

Psalm 16 – The Sorrows & the Pleasures (Vaclav Vasil) Psalm 16 Fullness (Pierre Chiasson) Psalm 17 (God Hears Our Cry) Psalm 18 Victory in The Lord Psalm 19 God Speaks Through Two Witnesses

 Pierre Chiasson

Psalm 19 (Vaclav Vacil) The Heavens, the Law and our Perfect Redeemer Psalm 20 My Help Comes from the Lord (Pierre Chiasson) Psalm 21 Rejoicing In The Lord Psalm 22 (The Agony and The Ecstasy)   The Crucifixion of Jesus Psalm 23 (The Good Shepherd) Psalm 24 Who is this King of Glory Psalm 25 Complete Dependence Psalm 27 One Thing Psalm 28 Hearing from God


Psalm 79-83 Turn us Oh God