Here is a remarkable account of a move of the Spirit of God in 1879 in Margaree, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

The Author is George MacPherson who was a noted preacher and author who ministered in New York City for years. This is his account first-hand of what happened in those days when he was a young lad.


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Excerpt from -A Parson’s Adventure- written by George MacPherson in 1925



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Here is another excerpt from “A Parson’s Adventure”. This is a number of years later after the “Foster Revival”. George MacPherson (the author) had finished his seminary training in New York State and was seeking God to guide him to the church he should preach in. The Lord led him to the Baptist Church at Mahopac Falls, New York.

He writes in his own words;
“I had not as yet accepted a pastorate, though I had been honored with invitations from several strong churches to come to them, one of which was the most flattering call extended to any student in the senior class. But not feeling led of God to
any one of those fields I declined them all. So after graduation I was obliged to remain in Hamilton and
await the Master’s bidding.

The boys in my class, who now were all located on their respective fields, viewed me as being some-
what peculiar because of my independence in declining the overtures from the churches. Dr.
Arthur Jones, my teacher in homiletics, urged that I cling to my ideal, saying that the greatest sorrow he
had in the ministry came as a result of his decision to serve as pastor of a certain church to which the
Lord had not called him. I decided to remain in Hamilton and await the call of the great Commander to a field of labor.”

We take up the story when this church accepted Him to come and pastor. When he preached his first sermon as their pastor this is what happened.

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Another Revival Story




This book is out of print and is a rare book but it has been electronicaly preserved.

If you want to read the entire book it is online and can be downloaded as a PDF or to Kindle at this website. It is an autobiography of his experiences as a pastor. An excellent read.

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 Here is a PDF file of the entire book that you can download to your computer
Pictures from the first excerpt of “A Parson’s Adventure”
Present Day Church Building         Original Church Building Where Revival Occurred   Sugarloaf Mountain Where Mr Foster Prayed
Picture1The Original ChurchPicture 3


Mr Foster                                             George MacPherson

Mr Foster        G.W. MacPherson

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4 Responses to “Two Revival Stories”

  1. Brenda Horton says:

    Thank you so much Pierre for sharing this Parsons Adventure. Truly heartwarming. Another part of my spiritual journey.

  2. Anonymous says:

    what a blessing to know how God was working in the hearts of our forefathers. May we have the same heart for the lost that they did.

  3. Helen says:

    Pierre,I finished reading the book last night and my prayer is that God would raise up more men like Mr. Mac Pherson.We are in need of revival.

  4. Margie says:

    I too have read both stories, one yesterday and the other today. What a hope this gives me, I have felt this in my heart since awhile, longing to see some souls saved and trying to witness to any who seemed to be looking, but in my heart I knew it is not I that moves men {women}’s hearts but God Almighty. May He call more of us to a deeper hunger to call on Him, to plead for this great need on this Island, burn it into our hearts Lord, to ask of you , that many souls would come to you, repenting, seeking for the mercy of Christ the Lord to fill us, and move us to see what great deeds that only God can do .

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