Here is an excellent message shared by Curtis Greenwood who is the Director of Cape Breton Bible Camp. God has revealed His true glory in sending His Son Jesus to come among us!
Meetings in Bay St Lawrence Nov 2017
Pre- Christmas Messages
While  wars and battles still rage throughout the earth there is a spiritual battle that we fight against an unseen foe that is real and we do well to be alert to this. May God open our eyes to see things as they really are.
Here is a message preached in Inverness on Sept 20th 2015
In this message we see the wonderful invitation of God for us to come to Him. Sometimes we don’t see what God has to offer but when we do how could we not go running to Jesus. He invites us to come for cleansing from sin. He invites us to come and get our heavy loads lifted. He invites us to come and be filled up with God’s Spirit and He invites us to come and worship. The sad thing is that many will not come. Jesus said it in  “
Joh 5:40 But you are not willing to come to Me that you may have life.” I hope you are one who is willing to come to Jesus because He came a long way towards you so you can come to Him.
This verse has so many greats in it that I call it the greatest verse Shared in Inverness on June 2nd 2015
Inverness Study June 9th 2015
How incredible that the God of the Universe will take up residence inside those who trust in Him. His presence in you is life changing and glorious. Being saved is going to heaven when you die but it is much more than this. It is the presence and person and power of Christ living in you so His character and the fruit of the Spirit (love ,joy peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control,) flows from your life. We need the fullness of God in us to live the way that He has called us.
Here is a message taught at a home Bible Study in Port Hood on July 8th 2014. It is one verse of scripture that tells us the bad news and the good news that we all need to hear. By accepting by faith what God says in this verse you can be saved and have eternal life!!!
Here is a message explaining communion or the Lord’s Supper. There is much confusion around this topic but the Bible has clear teaching about it so we can practice what is taught with joy.
Communion Jan 25th 2015

 (Father’s Day Message)



 ( This was preached the day after the tragic death of Jimmy Murphy. There are some comments taken from the service and then a brief message on comfort from God)

God loves you (Feb 23rd 2014)

Look and Live   ( Preached on April the 14th in Hessmer Louisiana)

Strength in Weakness

Here is a powerpoint file with scriptures to accompany this message 

Strength in Weakness

God Uses Weakness (Dec 22nd 2013)


Who’s Your Father?

At Jesus Feet

Not By Works but For Good Works 

Not By Might 

 Aug 14th 2013

Having the Mind of Christ

  Sept 11th 2013

A New Creation

A Passion for God (Psalm 84) June 25th 2013

Faith Sees God and Rejoices May 7th 2013

Accompanying power point file with scriptures for download —   Faith Sees God

What about gambling?

(This is a short note on gambling as someone asked a question about it in a service. It is not a detailed talk on it but a few extemporaneous comments. The comments of others were too low to hear them all.)
Here are 2 messages preached by Steven Kelly from Louisiana while he was here on a mission trip
Steve Kelly Together in the Work
Messages by Mark Palmer
Mark Palmer (Why Trials) 2 Cor 1(3-11) Inverness Study May 19th 2015


 Messages  by Vaclav Vacil

The Contrast between grace & works, Vaclav, Feb.16, 2014

 Psalm 11 (Take the Shield of Faith) Taught by Vaclav Vasil

Psalm 12 (God’s Word Versus Ours)Vaclav Vasil  Jan.28,2014

Psalm 16 – The Sorrows & the Pleasures (Vaclav Vasil)

Psalm 19 (Vaclav Vacil) The Heavens, the Law and our Perfect Redeemer




Messages by Hugh Morrison

Here is the best message I have ever heard on prayer

Now on Video!!!  (Click Below)

Video  Pastor Hugh Morrison We Will Give Ourselves to Prayer

Audio file below

Hugh Morrison is Pastor at Margaree Valley Baptist Church and he was preaching at an East Coast Baptist conference

Pastor Hugh Morrison


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Audio     Hugh Morrison We Will Give Ourselves To prayer